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D Port Brodix Aluminum Heads - $2,000.00 - fully assembled!

D Port Brodix Aluminum Heads - $1,600.00 - needs two new valves.

D Port Dart Cast Iron Heads - $1,200.00 - fully assembled!

Crane BBC Roller Camshafts


Good mid range to upper RPM torque & HP, rough idle, performance usage, bracket racing, auto trans w/3500+ converter, marine performance for 500+ modified engines in performance applications w/aftermarket dry pipe exhaust systems, or tube headers, good w/manifold nitrous system, 3800- 4200 cruise RPM, for 500+ engines. 10.5 to 12.5 compression ratio advised. Good w/Roots supercharger, 18 lbs. max. boost w/8.0 max. compression ratio advised.


GM 1 Piece rear main seal virgin block


GM PN# 10105123
Cast iron 4-bolt block
4.00 bore
Machined for hydraulic roller or flat tappets

$600.00 (1 in stock)


Crower Severe-Duty Mechanical Roller Lifters

Part Number: 66291H-16

Severe-Duty Cutaway Mechanical Roller Lifters (.842" dia. / .750" Bearing) V8 Chevrolet BB 1964-Up 396-572ci Gen V/VI will fit Tall Lifter Bore with High Pressure Pin Oiling (Set of 16)

Used - very good condition: $300.00

Crower Marine Valve Springs

Part Number: 68705-16

Valve Spring 1.534 Super Clean Chrome Silicon Dual with Damper (Set of 16)

Used - Good condition $200.00